Our mission is to make a positive difference in our communities.

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It may not be possible to turn the world into a perfect place, but we encourage people to make the positive changes they want to see happen in their communities. Legal protests are our First Amendment right, and they can be used to peacefully spread important messages about what is going on in the world, country, state, city or even neighborhood. We also encourage people to take the right steps to set up charity drives and other projects to help the less fortunate around them. Positive changes do not happen overnight, but they can happen gradually when people work together toward a common goal. Please see the LINKS page to find additional resources you may find helpful.

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Above Photo Credits: Ven Detta, Common Ground Movement

R.I.P Aaron Swartz                  R.I.P Kelly Thomas

The truth about his "crime" (research why he was bullied)            Officers found not guilty in Thomas' beating death (even though it was caught on film)!

Aaron talks about defeating SOPA (video)                                   What happened to Kelly Thomas (video)


RIP - Mike Brown, Eric Garner and many many others gone before their time.